quidditch zzzFollowing hot on the heels of last week’s posed hadouken and Dragon Ball Z-style photos, a magical new photo fad has hit the internet in the form of ‘quidditching’, a Muggle attempt at capturing the game made famous by Harry Potter in action.

Once again Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraftbrought the trend to our attention, which also seems to stem from Japan just like last week’s manga-inspired scenes.

These images attempt to recreate the ball game played in the air on broomsticks created by Harry Potter author J K Rowling.Muggle quidditch teams have been playing in the real world since 2005, but with the simple sorcery of a well-timed photograph these quidditch players try to recreate the real deal, flying broomsticks and all.

Images have been shared on Twitter and Japanese forum 2ch over the past few days, though some appeared as early as February this year. Meanwhile, the trend has already spread to the Russian army and (a natural fit for such tomfoolery) Disneyland.

Source @www.siliconrepublic.com