biggest-loser-logoThe former host of Australia’s Biggest Loser Ajay Rochester has revealed she has gained a staggering 105lbs.

The 44-year-old, who hosted the weight-loss television show for four series between 2006 and 2009, said in a radio interview that she makes daily trips to fast food restaurants and admitted she is eating herself to death.

She was pictured on Tuesday picking up two Subway sandwiches and two large drinks while walking her dogs in Los Angeles, where she is now based.

The TV star spoke to Australia’s 2Day FM about her rapid weight gain, saying: ‘I’ve have put on about a kilo (2.2lbs) a week, 48 kilos. I’m huge.

‘To be really blunt I can eat a whole heap of crap in one day,’ she told the station.

‘There is this place here called Norms. Norms’ is called “Norms: Bigger Better Breakfast”.

‘So it’s breakfast for 3 people. Two pancakes, big plate sized pancakes, three bacon strips, a plate sized hash brown, a plate, I’m not talking the little Macca’s ones, two eggs, two sausages.

‘So I’ll eat that. Then I just lie down all day because I can’t move because my arteries are so clogged.

‘And then I drive past Carl’s and get a burger and fries. I’m laughing about it. But it’s really serious because I am eating myself to death.’

Last year she appeared on Australian TV screens in the celebrity diet show Excess Baggage, alongside Kevin Federline.

She has since relocated to the US in a bid to find fame Stateside.


‘Seriously my house looks like somebody else lives in there,’ she said of her new Californian home.

‘There are all these beautiful clothes, because I have lots clothes from Biggest Loser.

‘So if you open my cupboard you would go, “Well she must be the cleaner that big fat thing, and where is the skinny girl who lives here?” Because I live in sweatpants. You know the saddest thing was, when I got home from Excess Baggage I thought; “Oh yeah I did alright, I won, I lost a bit of weight.”

‘I came home and I tried on my skinny jeans and I was still too fat for my skinny jeans.’ Ajay’s weight has yo-yoed dramatically over the years as she struggled to cope with emotional issues.  She was physically abused by her adoptive mother during her childhood and they are now estranged.  She found her birth mother Kaylene when she was 22, although her mother committed suicide a year later.

In 2003 she became a top-selling author in Australia with Confessions of a Reformed Dieter and later released The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit.

The single mother has a 13-year-old son Kai, who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.