EDUCATION MATTERS: Secure our kids’ future – Drive them to Succeed


vasaviDear Friends,

Naperville School District 204 is faced with tough decisions which will have significant impact on both the education of our children and community taxpayers. To address these critical matters and  needs of our children our friend Vasavi Chakka is running for the Indian Prairie School District 204 Board of Education board member position in April 9th 2013 Election. There is an opportunity to make a difference in your community and schools.


vasaviIt’s our pleasure and privilege to introduce Vasavi to those who do not know her.


Vasavi Chakka is our dear friend. She is a Balvihar Sevika at Chinmaya mission- Badri (Sunday school teacher). Her passion for community service and Educational excellence stems from her Grandfather and father’s advocacy for education and community service. Her Grandfather was a community leader who served with Gandhi during India’s struggle for Independence and after India’s Independence he renounced his worldly positions and became a   monk.


She has been very active in our community for many years. She was PTSA president last year in Neuqua valley high school. The best part about Vasavi is that she is a great role model for all the young aspiring girls and boys. She is a successful working woman (Senior IT Business Manager at Siemens/ATOS with 18 years of experience), and a great mom. She is running this election even though both her kids have graduated out of District 204 schools. She is doing this for your kids and ours. She has an honest and genuine reason to work for our kids in our school district. The position she is running for is voluntary and she will not be paid for her time and effort.


She believes that our children need to be better prepared to handle “global competition” and that her candidacy is all about “empowering youth and helping them reach their potential.” Her goal is to inspire our children to be leaders in our schools and community. She has experience and knowledge to contribute towards making our schools to have great opportunities in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math so that our kids are equipped with most needed 21st century skills to successfully transition to collage and career. She promotes well-rounded education for all children. There are several such reasons which make her an ideal candidate for the board member position.


If you have been thinking of making an impact in your community and serve it, here is a great opportunity. Please vote for Vasavi Chakka on April 9th.


Let  us all join hands and make the difference we dream and aspire about.  Please forward this to other friends and spread the word and feel free to send your questions or concerns to: [email protected] or call: m: (630) 596-7567


Thanks for your time and effort in advance.


Best Regards,

From friends and supporters of Vasavi Chakka for 204 Committee


Here are some things you can do to help:


  1. Visit her website and learn more about the issues.
  2. Like her Facebook page

NOTE: Make sure you like the page on the TOP not just the comments.

  1. If you do not live in the district or have not registered to vote yet, you still can be part of this aspiration. Please pass this information to your friends or people you may know who could be interested in getting involved.
  3. Please share this information with all your friends to reach out to voters in all subdivisions within district 204.
  4. If you are unable to vote on 9-April-2013, you can vote early or via mail – Early Vote starts on March 25th and runs through April 6th, for more information please visit
  5. IMPORTANT: There are 7 candidates running for 4 available seats on the School Board, so you can vote for more than one candidate. VASAVI CHAKKA IS # 2 ON THE BALLOT.
  6. Please CONTRIBUTE to help make this campaign a success.  Your generous donations will be used wisely and prudently – all remaining funds will be donated to STEM 204 for supporting the organization’s efforts to promote awareness of Science, Technology, and Engineering and Math fields from K-12.
  7. Remember your Vote is important and it matters. Thank you for your support in advance.