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When an apple fell on Newton’s head , he did not just consume it to satisfy his hunger , au contraire he used it as an excuse to get into the depth of the process to learn more , there by discovering Gravity . It is basic human nature that we question and mostly never rest till we get right answers to satisfy our curiosity. Well ladies and gentlemen via this review I am about to hand over to you the key to unlock a fascinating world where all important questions about life are catered to . A book to satiate our subconscious mind along with the conscious mind . A book which I can guarantee is one which if u start , you would be unable to put down till u have reached the end and some might even be tempted to start again to grasp better the soul satisfying information provided. We all are aware that the graph of life is never a straight line, happiness and grief ,smiles and tears are offered to us as a package deal . Yet we never balance life , we welcome news which is bearer of good tidings with open arms and when tears flood our lives we start questioning our karma and at times even are ready to give up on God , religion and life .

So was the reaction of Bhavnagari‘s when all joy , happiness and smiles vanished from their lives in one split second.“ On feb 22 1980 Khorshed and Rumi bhavnagri’s world was shattered ………One month later a new one opened ‘’ . Death of their sons Vispi and Ratoo broke their spirit and will to survive . But 29 days after their sons funeral they received message from their deceased sons via a medium and this miracle and many more restored their faith in Divine . Many of us believe it’s possible and some have even claimed to have received messages from departed souls. Either with the help of a medium or tarot cards or crystal ball or automatic writing . These messages have helped them in times of their need …..but here is the difference , the book ‘’ THE LAWS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD ‘’ is an end product of Vispi and Ratoos desire to dictate a book containing all the information regarding the spirit world and divine law , for the whole world to read and understand and for this a special permission was obtained by them from the higher souls .

This book would be of great help to those who have lost someone very dear to them and also to those who due to certain losses in life are questioning divine ways. Book provides details about the 7 realms or plains of existence in the spirit world . Where realm 1, 2 and 3 are equivalent to Hell and 4 is the in between world , realm 5 and onwards , u progress in Heaven . The book believes in one and only one mantra ‘’ YOU CAN FOOL A FELLOW MAN BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FOOL GOD ALL MIGHTY ‘’ and makes you question the most important aspect of life ‘’ IF YOU ARE A GOD FEARING PERSON WOULD YOU EVER TRY TO FOOL GOD..…? ‘’ .


Written in simple words the various short stories and anecdotes in the book make for an interesting read . The question answer pattern in some chapters is to help in the understanding of divine law better. Questions like What is free will ? Is it godly to help others ? Purpose of rebirth ? Gods justice ? Black magic ? Difference between good and bad karma ? are answered . You get to learn to differentiate between soul mates , group souls and twin souls . How suicide is an act of selfishness and what to do when you hit the lowest point in your life . It is as if when we open the book we start on an incredible journey where we become aware of interesting facts such as that evil souls have no memory of the spirit world when they are on earth, but when they are back in the spirit world they have full memory of the sins of their previous lives on earth , they go on remembering every sin as they suffer .


The foreword and afterword by Shiamak Davar is very impressive as he explains how the Bhavnagris helped him awaken his subconscious mind . As per divine law it’s the subconscious mind which is the real you and your conscious mind dies along with your physical body when you leave earth. One also gets a chance to become more aware of how AUTOMATIC WRITING as a means to communicate with departed souls is practiced. Also the last chapter regarding the shift of axis ,related to the end of the world guarantees goose bumps. In the end I put forward to you this one last question – Have you ever wondered why is it that ‘’ very good souls suffer greatly and evil souls seem to go scot free on earth , is this divine justice ‘’ . if yes , then what are you waiting for , rush and pick up your copy of ‘’ The Laws Of The Spirit World ‘’ by Khorshed Bhavnagari and dive into the ocean of knowledge to discover your own pearls of wisdom .