Baby Diaper Rash Cream on your face? WHAT?

Lollipop26 mentioned not that long ago that she used Sudocrem (which is a diaper rash cream for babies) and it worked wonders on her face. I don’t know if they sell that brand in the US but I’ve got babies so you better believe I’ve got diaper cream at my house. I thought I’d try it because hey it couldn’t hurt. Diaper rash cream is made to soothe, moisturize, calm, reduce redness, and helped chapped skin…it’s made for the MOST SENSITIVE skin (a baby)!THIS DID WONDERS. You know the saying…”as smooth as a baby’s bottom”…well…I’m here to tell you… that’s what your face will feel like. No joke.

I have a lot of redness in my skin and it’s been extremely dry and flaky from the cold this winter. I put the cream on my face (I used A&D ointment but you could use any brand) and let it sit on my face for 2 hours ( some people sleep with it on). When I washed it off…wow! So smooth and a lot less red….and felt SO moisturized! I read that it can also help with acne because it has zinc oxide in it.

I highly, highly recommend you try this…yes the thought of putting diaper rash cream on your face is kinda weird but it really works and you’ll be on your way to being as smooth as a baby’s bottom!:) 🙂 🙂