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Rant of the believers – Syed Ali Shah Geelani & Arundhati Roy in Delhi demanding Azadi for Kashmir

In an ironic way Tehelka has done a service to the nation by showcasing the passionate speech at The Azadi conference organized in Delhi.

Going to the capital of India and arguing for secession is itself amazing, what’s more amazing is the scant coverage of this in the national media. Once in a while there is coverage of some BJP leader demanding action, almost covered as if they are a deranged bunch of lunatics with no intellectual bent of mind. Watch and make up your own mind.

Here is the poster boy of extremism reminding Indians that India too once demanded freedom from Brits. Quite obviously he omits to mention the gun totting done by Gandhi, Nehru and others…oh… wait that’s done by his peaceful Pakistan trained guys

Part 1 of 2 speech by SAS Geelani in Delhi


Part 2 of 2 speech by SAS Geelani in Delhi


Best of this is yet to come. Our one book wonder Arundhati Roy is now fully involved in bringing the intellectual cover for the most brutal terrorism unleashed anywhere in the world by Islamic militants.

Arundhati speech on Azadi in Delhi – some gems like “..Indian state likes to kill people..”


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  1. Anand Sharma December 28, 2010

    Its high time we cleaned up our act

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