A perfect 3-year-old dies during a dental procedure. The dentist had sedated her so her tooth could be pulled out. A crown implant was also in order. The three year old didn’t complain or move so the dentist could do the job without hassle.

Result: Death of the three year old.





Another Texas Teen died after a week of getting his wisdom tooth extracted. He was also sedated so that the procedure was painless. Painless it was, but at what cost?


Result : Death of the Texas Teen.


Three boys from Georgia aged between 14-21 died within 72 hours after having their wisdom tooth removed. They were perfectly normal boys up till this recommended dental procedure of removing wisdom teeth. They were also sedated during the procedure.


Result: All three of them dead.


A four year old from Vancouver had a cavity that required filling. The four year old got sedated and the cavity was filled.


Result : Death. He never woke up from the sedated state.

There are many cases like the above mentioned ones. Kids are sedated, given anti-anxiety drugs for many unnecessary dental work. Dentists get paid a hefty amount for administering anaesthesia. So they don’t exercise caution while carrying out these procedures. Data of the number of deaths due to dental procedures is not recorded or easily available.


Dental sedation or giving anaesthesia to children is the main reason why such fatalities occur. Children’s lungs are not well developed to handle general anaesthesia. Adding to this, the dentist is the one giving the anaesthesia and doing the dental procedures. A anaesthesiologist is not required by law to administer the anaesthesia.


Few questions  parents should ask.

  1. Is it necessary for the health of the child to go through the dental procedure.
  2. Have you taken the second, third and the fourth opinion of another doctor before making your child go through that surgery.
  3. Why are we looking for perfect teeth? Beauty lies in imperfections.