For another woman or man…….


Says he/she found love……


Will he/she live in peace?


The one who is left behind obviously can’t because the thought that while she/he was faithfully working on the marriage, the other was lurking around.


But what about the one who leaves? Does he/she live peacefully? Was it really love that he/she was looking for? Or was it the feeling of racing heartbeat, feeling of racing hormones at first romance the mere feeling of love that he/she was after? Won’t that disappear in few months, or few years? Then what? Will it be time for another love-hunt? Will it be time to break another marriage?


Infidelity? Or just falling in love. Call it anything that you want – result is just unhappiness. In the short run- only two people seem happy, rest everyone is miserable. The spouse that was left behind, the kids in both families and above all that positive feeling of marriage for the whole society that we live in, all are miserable. In the long run, if someone cannot find happiness within himself or herself, they will always be looking for outside factors to fill their heart.


Marriage is expensive-but divorce is even more. Sometimes it’s inevitable, divorce is the only solution-especially in cases of domestic violence. But, for love that you might feel elsewhere- it’s bizarre. It is strange because all marriages become boring and like all other relationships it’s hard work.


Just because the marriage is not exciting, that’s not a sufficient reason to break it. Instead of finding excitement elsewhere, couples should look for ways to make their own marriage interesting, for the sake of themselves, their kids and in general for the faith of society in marriage.