Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are the new companies to join the real food revolution. They will be getting rid of artificial flavoring and color from most of their products.


Instead of black pepper flavoring they will start to use real black pepper. When a simple flavor like black pepper becomes artificial, we are forced to think how much of artificial flavoring we put in our bodies.


Taco Bell will also remove the Yellow Dye it uses to brighten the cheese color in Nachos. The Blue No. 1 dye and carmine will also be removed. These dyes are used in avocado ranch dressing and red tortilla chips.


Many food chains are taking steps to make their food more natural, not because they care for the health of customers, but because they are realizing that the customers are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of artificial dyes and chemicals. It’s our responsibility to be educated and aware. The big food giants’ primary objective is to make profit and they will only change when customers reject their usage of unhealthy ingredients.


A milkshake made of fruits and milk is only 200-300 calories when prepared at home. When real fruit is used there is no need to add any sugar to it. But when you buy milk shake at a restaurant/fast food place it will have a minimum of 700 calories with ladles of sugar in it. There is enough research, which proves sugar may be the most detrimental component for a healthy lifestyle. If customers refuse these options, there is bound to be a CHANGE.


Start reading the labels; be mindful of what you are eating. Humans should eat natural stuff, we are not mute rats that can be fed and treated with anything and everything that a large corporation desires.

Written by Suchitra Sharma