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Jammu and Kashmir to boost girl child ratio




The state of J&K led by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed PDP-BJP has announced the government will contribute 1000 rupees per month for every girl child that is born in the state till she reaches 14 years of age. The girl child will receive 6.5 lakh rupees from the government once she is 21 and in the state.


Jammu and Kashmir has seen a steady decline in the girl child ratio. From 962 girls per 1000 boys, in 2001 it was at 862 in 2011 as reported by the census. The national average of female child sex ratio is at 943.


“According to the census of 2011, J&K has exhibited a fall in the sex ratio to 889. What is alarming is that the child sex ratio (6 – 10 years) has shown a very rapid decline. Among a host of interventions,
financial security of the girl child holds paramount, as it creates a positive disposition towards the girl child,” said Haseeb A Drabu, J&K finance minister, while presenting his maiden budget on Sunday as reported on DNA INDIA


Any girl born after April 2015 would benefit from this law. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the many states where the sex ratio is on a decline.


In a nation where female goddesses like Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi are worshipped on a daily basis in every household of the country , the condition of women are far less from ideal. A step like this is of course is in the right direction. Besides these measures an overhaul in attitudes of the general population is needed. Respect, education, kindness towards the woman – fundamental to any society need to be taught in every home.



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