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70-year-old Nun Raped in India

A 70-year-old nun was raped at her convent in the eastern part of West Bengal. Some men broke into the convent, mugging and breaking the catholic house and added the rape to it to increase the atrocity of the situation. Four persons are arrested, but no charges have been made. The elderly nun is in the hospital and is doing better. She was raped because she resisted the robbers, and the punishment was to rape her. This happened in a village 50 miles away from Calcutta.


Exactly a year ago, a rapist was arrested for raping a nun in Orissa. The rape happened in 2008 and only after six years any justice could be done.


These horrendous, shameful acts need to stop. From 7-year-old little girl to 70-year-old woman, females are in danger in India. As a nation, are we taking enough steps to stop the rape culture?

Surendra Jain, the general secretary of the right-wing Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), also known as World Hindu Council said, “There are no Christians living in the village or around it.” “The church was for the purpose of conversion. Local people had warned against it. But when it went unheeded, they took whatever action they deemed fit.”

“Will the Christians allow us to make a Hanuman temple in the Vatican?” he asked.

The answer does not lie in raping a nun.







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