Children’s Cancer Doctor Pleads Guilty to Numerous Sexual Abuses

Myles Bradbury, a pediatric haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children whom he was supposed to be treating.
As if having cancer wasn’t enough, these kids also had to go through sexual abuse in the hands of their doctor. Victims as young as 11 year olds have gone through abuse.
The 41-year-old haematologist has been indicted with string of sexual abuse, voyeurism, and appaling breach of trust.

From Telegraph

Dr Keith McNeil, chief executive of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Addenbrooke’s, said: “It is hard to put into words just how saddened we are that this situation has occurred, and our most abject and sincere apologies go out to any and all of our patients and their families who are affected by this in any way.
“As chief executive of the trust, I am so deeply sorry these incidents have happened and I am also deeply saddened, as a doctor, that one of my own profession has placed himself and his patients in this position. There is a very ancient and sacred trust that exists between a doctor and his patients and, quite frankly, it sickens me to think that trust has been breached.”
The doctor’s deeds came to light when a victim told his parents what had happened with him.

Ann-Marie Ingle, the trust’s chief nurse said: “I cannot begin to express how sorry I and all of my colleagues are for the distress that Myles Bradbury’s abuse caused to patients and their families. Our thoughts, and ongoing support, are with the families and children who are affected by these charges.
“His cold and calculating abuse of trust has deeply shocked us all, including staff who worked alongside him to care for these vulnerable and sick children. As soon as we were alerted, we took immediate action to suspend him from clinical practice and we have worked closely with the police and the NSPCC over these past months.