Close to 200 schools in Bangalore have been charged with non-compliance of safety rules by the police.

The memory of rape of a six year old by the gym instructors have not faded, which prompted the residents of Bangalore to understand the safety rules.


80% of the 200 schools charged with non-compliance are private schools. Simple things like – CCTV cameras, ID cards of people visiting schools are non-existent. Schools say its lack of funds that has lead to neglect in safety rules.


“Some measures suggested hardly involved financial expenditure, so that’s our prime focus now,” said MN Reddi, Commissioner of Police, Bangalore. “The schools, especially those which have not implemented the cost-effective measures, would be considered erring.”


The protesting parents submitted a set of guidelines to the authorities that included measures like background verification and psychometric tests on staff, not leaving a child alone at any point of time and installation of CCTV cameras in classrooms, common areas and school buses.