Adlabs Imagica ,  the first or perhaps  the only themed international park opened in April 2013 in Khopoli on Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Today it had a major accident in one of the rides –several injured, many hurt. Mainstream media is yet to report the exact number of injured.

Adlabs Imagica was quick to release the statement which looks like preplanned for accidents like this.

From DNA India  Vincent Pijnenburg, Chief Operating Officer Adlabs Imagica said, “We have always complied with the maintenance and operational procedures recommended by the manufacturers of every ride. The safety of our guests and employees is our company’s utmost priority. We regret this incident but are extremely grateful that everyone is safe.”

Meanwhile, the attraction is currently closed for safety precautions.

Ashutosh Kale, Assistant Vice President Adlabs Imagica Safety and Security said, “In accordance with our daily safety procedures every ride is checked for safety and technical issues before being run for our guests through a night long maintenance schedule. 3 test runs were carried on the ride before opening it for the guests. We have never faced a situation like this before and we are coordinating with the ride manufacturer to ensure that no future untoward incident occurs.”


A park that boasts of being international standards –it’s doubtable whether their first aid, emergency aid, ambulance facilities can talk of being international standards. Were they complying with safety norms –we don’t even have to investigate this – In India, everything and anything goes –rides are over loaded, neither the people nor the authorities seem to care about this important thing.