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Raise your metabolism to lose weight

Do you have a friend who eats pizzas and pastas actually change “eats” to hogs and remains thin? You on the other hand is counting calories, tracking every single thing you put in your body on “my fitness Pal” app you got –and still do not seem to lose any weight.

Do not be harsh to yourself – maybe it is just your slow metabolism.

You could either kick your metabolism the hard and natural way or ask your doctor to prescribe you the drug phentermine. Phentermine raises your metabolism and people lose significant amount of weight in the first month of taking the medication. The side effects of the drug are heart attacks, heart palpitations and so on.


But, if you want to raise your metabolism the natural way and sadly the hard way there are few things you could do.


1.         Eat Frequently: DO NOT skip meals in fact eat every 2-3 hours? Eat a handful of nuts, or vegetables with peanut butter. Remember to add a little bit of protein in each mini or main meals.


2.         Eat proteins: Proteins are harder to digest and break down so the body has to work hard to digest this and thus helps in raising the metabolism.


3.         Strength training: Muscles are only built with strength training. Swimming, elliptical, spinning are all forms of cardio, which is essential for weight loss. But muscles are a key in boosting your metabolism.


4.         Sleep well: A good night sleep is very important in firing up your metabolism. Lack of sleep forces the body to produce the hormone ghremlin that makes you hungry more and thereby causing weight gain.

So go lift some weights and get the weight off.

 Written by Suchitra Sharma

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