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You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, sweaty, little out of breath, a tad confused, maybe you’ve been dreaming, you have experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions; you are nervous, tense, and anxious. You know the dream you have had is related to you, but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it. At a party you come across a complete stranger and instantly you develop a bond, you feel you have known each other for ages. Many times you have gone through a situation with the feeling that you have already been a witness to it, Déjà vu isn’t that what we call it? We accept all this as part of our life and carry on, sometimes even shoving those dreams to the back of our mind, to be reviewed at leisure. Now I am sure many of you will agree that everything happens for a reason, although at the time when the event occurs we may neither have the insight nor the foresight to comprehend the reason. But then, many events are beyond reasoning and scope of science. A lady may be able to offer no explanation as to why she is afraid of water, or for that matter, why the gentleman next door is afraid of height. Even though, there has been no traumatic experience yet we suffer from some phobias. Well there is a doctor who can not only hypnotize you and take you back to the birth of the root cause of the problem but also heal you and get rid of the ailment forever or as we say heal your soul. It is called past life regression therapy, and many of you may have heard about it. We, Hindus, believe in the cycle of birth death, rebirth, reincarnation…But here we have an American doctor called Brian Weiss from Miami, Florida, who with his study of survival after bodily death and past life memories, laid bare some astonishing facts, which leave us breathless. Dr. Brian Weiss was initially not interested in the study of parapsychology as it seemed too far-fetched, ironically had his life altered irreversibly, when a patient called Catherine, walked into his clinic for treatment, one fine morning. For 18 months he used conventional methods of therapy to help her overcome her symptoms. When nothing seemed to work he tried hypnosis. In a series of trance state, Catherine recalled her past lives, 86 births to be precise. Together as a team the doctor and patient learned that Catherine’s fear of water was not because she fell into the pool when she was 3 years old, but was related to the fact that in one of her births she was in Egypt, and had drowned when River Nile had flooded…her soul was carrying the trauma for so many births. In the next session Catherine was happy to announce that her lifelong fear of drowning had disappeared. During these sessions Catherine’s soul would rest at the end of a life time and the doctor would receive messages from the Master spirits, mystical knowledge was passed on to the doctor in this process, which were all recorded in his book ‘’ MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS ‘’ which we as readers would be fortunate enough to go through. In the book “ MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS ‘’ during the past life regression therapy sessions, Catherine would recognize souls and pinpoint exactly who they are in the present life time. The knowledge that the doctor (Brian Weiss) had been her teacher in two of her previous births helped to strengthen their bond. Her baby, from one previous life, is her niece in the present life and near to her made her happy . The doctor was left astounded, when Catherine gave information about his dead father and about the son who had died due to a peculiar heart ailment, in one of the sessions Now the reason why this book ‘’ MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS ’‘ is a must read is because like Catherine it would help many of its readers to lose fear of death and also to accept the fact that we are the soul and not the body. It will help us go a step further in the spiritual journey. Second, this book will help us in overcoming the fear of losing our loved ones. Catherine’s recognition of friends and family from past birth helps us realize that the soul does not die and when a loved one passes away it’s not the end but just a transition period and we may meet again to give and take love. Now the most important reason according to me is that this book will help you to heal your soul. There have been so many times when we act in a negative manner, knowingly. Even though– we realize we are doing wrong yet we are unable to control ourselves. We hold grudges against others and are unable to let go, for a long time. You may want to get rid of that particular black cloud but often don’t know how. The words of wisdom from the Master spirits play the key role. To explain in simple words- those who are obsessed with their body, had at one point in a particular birth been ridiculed for it, those who eat a lot had probably starved to death in a past life and extra food gives security to them. Now when you come face to face with this fact, you can train your soul to come to peace with the issue and walk by and not linger on it. Your anger, your anxiety, your hatred, feeling of possessiveness toward someone, will automatically be diminished when you will understand the root cause and learn to let go. So guys pick up a copy today and heal your soul and even if you don’t believe in reincarnation or past life it is a very interesting read. And when you do please don’t forget to pick up another one by Dr Brian Weiss ‘’ ONLY LOVE IS REAL ‘’ it’s for those die hard romantics, who discover that true love and soul mates carry on, one birth after another for ages and for ever. Happy reading everyone