Tried everything, from long walks to Atkins diet, but still not able to squeeze into your college pants? Well, take heart, for it has been claimed that eating two bowls of cereal a day could help obese people lose weight.

According to a new study carried out by experts at Oxford Brookes University, which consisted of 41 people, suggested that people who eat cereal for two out of their three daily meals could lose more than 4lb in six weeks.

To reach the conclusion, the research team asked volunteers to eat only cereal for breakfast and lunch but allowed them to have whatever they wanted for dinner.

They found that those who combined different varieties of cereal lost most weight but many of those who stuck to one type also weighed less by the end.

The study published by the British Nutrition Foundation found that two thirds of those who ate a single cereal and 78 per cent of those who opted for a combination had lost weight by the end of the period.

While those on a combined diet lost an average of 4.4lb, those who stuck to their favourite brand lost only 1.3lb.