August 12

Biden’s pick of Vice President in Kamala Harris has the women’s support

Night Owl or Early Bird May Affect How Much You Move

Grocery Workers: Morale low, conditions hard. No end in sight

August 3

Electronic Tags for travelers in Singapore for enforced quarantine

Federal Reserve: Month Lockdown needed to save America’s Economy

July 29

Vietnam sees new infections; deadly strain of virus after 99 days of no cases and no death. Suspect: Chinese tourists.

Watch the House Judiciary hearing on Antitrust Law. Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook.

Trump wants to delay election.

Ankita Lokhande: Sushant Singh Rajput was not a depressed man.

No Black Friday shopping this year.

July 28

Florida: No end in sight; single day death record 186

Red Dawn Group-the group that tried to save America

New Favorite Doctor of Trump and Right Wing Believes in Everything Bizarre

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family files a case on Rhea Chakraborty, who is an actor and was SSR’s girlfriend

Breaks All Records: SSR’s last release

July 27

More than half of the players in Miami Marlin test Covid-19 positive

Trump national security adviser O’Brien tests positive for coronavirus

Google: Employees will be Work from Home till summer of 2021

July 25

One every 10 minutes

First ever discovery of a solar system like ours

Relief & Rare Admission : Trump regrets his tweets and retweets

DO NOT PLANT: These are mysterious seeds sent by China which customers claim they haven’t ordered.

July 23

Bill Gates :Multiple doses of vaccine needed.Keep the schools closed.

Trump’s mantra to win the election- Law & Order

Chinese scientist-spy is hiding in the Chinese embassy of SFO

Leptin Gene Therapy: The most successful strategy

July 21st

US deaths over 1000 today, first time since June

25 % of Delhi’s population have antibodies.

More than half of US in NY’s list of states for quarantining

Deadly Covid: 7% death per 1000

Research: Concert being held to find how covid spreads

Sweden kept everything open, yet the economy is shrinking

Bahamas bans tourists from US

Vaccine still far away

Enigmatic T-Cell : Hidden immunity against covid

Kangana: I only have to lose here.

Bipolar KANYE WEST for President? Really!