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My Routine in COVID-19 Time

By: Rishaan S., Student of The Study Huddle.

I have been home due to the Coronavirus(COVID-19). The Coronavirus has impacted many lives and more people are catching it. At home we try to maintain a safe distance if we are talking to neighbors and use the 20-second hand-washing rule. 

Honestly, In my opinion, I kind of like it. My parents are my only actual people to play with, which is a good thing.I am an only child so it does not bother me. But a pro about being a single child is that if someone gifts something or my parents buy something I am 100% guaranteed to get it. And I have no complaints about spending time with my parents. In fact I would prefer it, but my dad is always on non-stop calls, and my mom is either cooking or doing something else. But I don’t blame them, they work hard to keep me healthy and safe. 

 I have a console to myself, and an old computer my dad fixed for me to use to entertain me. I am a single child so it’s kind of boring, but sometimes my parents play No Apologies (Sorry game) with me, which is a fun. Now I only play with my friends online. My  friend and I do video calls on computers and play online games. Other things that keep me busy are homework and reading. My mom and I both read in a quiet place.

But to be honest, after watching tv for a long time it gets pretty boring. So after all of us were free we all played (that’s how its spelled). It’s a game like Pictionary except we draw on computers. My parents loved the game.  I also play squash, cricket and catch. 

E-Learning on the other hand is not a problem. E-Learning is super easy  because of the minimal work,but it  is pretty boring, and I seriously would prefer to go to school. We do Zoom meetings and that’s my only live interaction with my classmates. 

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