Devi Sridhar, a professor of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, tweeted: “We had the data. We had time. We should have learned from this data in early Jan and anyone looking at this from a public health/medical side has been worried about the stress on the health system, in every country.”
Rep. Ben McAdams, a Democrat from Utah, tweeted Wednesday that he tested positive for coronavirus.

He said he first felt symptoms on Saturday after returning from Washington, and was tested on Tuesday. He received the positive result on Wednesday.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday the state’s first death due to novel coronavirus.
King County in Washington state is taking over a public soccer field to use as a hospital for people who may have coronavirus.

All 50 states in the US now have confirmed cases.

Zhang Xinmin, an official at China’s science and technology ministry, said favipiravir, developed by a subsidiary of Fujifilm, had produced encouraging outcomes in clinical trials in Wuhan and Shenzhen involving 340 patients

60,000 California homeless could contract coronavirus in next eight weeks

“We are raising our travel advice to the highest level: do not travel,” Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced.

“This is the first time the New Zealand Government has advised New Zealanders against travelling anywhere overseas. That reflects the seriousness of the situation we are facing with Covid-19,” he said.

Billionaire Bill Ackman says ‘America will end as we know it’ unless Trump shuts entire country down NOW for 30 days – rather than ‘a gradual roll-out that is scaring people and bankrupting the economy, starting with hotels and restaurants’

Second member of New Jersey family dies after coronavirus diagnosis – and four of the other five are in critical condition from the virus

‘Millennials cannot keep having these large gatherings for people who are off work’: Trump administration warns of ‘very concerning’ rise in children and young people from coronavirus in Italy