The hottest hair color of the moment is gray WSJ reports. I have mixed feelings about this, meshed with joy, relief, and doubt. Joy and relief because finally I can leave the grays alone and save myself save myself from the endless torture of dying, root coloring, etc. Etc. Doubt, doubt because am I courageous enough to leave the gray?

Recently at a gathering, I noticed a young woman( 40s is young) with stylish gray hair. Her tresses were long, and the grey was uniform. After a close (creepy!) look at her face, I knew she wasn’t that old to have so much grey hair. So I asked her if she had dyed her hair silver? There was a twinkle in her eye and she told me with much enthusiasm that she had started having gray hair from age 26. And a few years ago she threw the dyes out of her window forever. Now, everywhere she goes, she has someone ( curious people like me) always asking her about her hair. Bravo! I thought. She looked stylish, chic and au naturel.

Another close friend has also sported her grays with aplomb for years now. I remember egging her a few years ago constantly to dye her hair. But that was a few years ago, today when I meet her I only admire her grace and beauty.

I am sure like all hair dyes grey is not for everyone. Even though the fashion and the music world (Gaga) is going gaga over this trend, itโ€™s not for every woman. However, this new trend gives hope to me, I can at least try to go au naturel without worrying about looking old and haggard. Plus, maybe I will give up the black eyeliner, red lipstick and try something new-blue liner, neutral colors.

Bring on the gray – at least today ๐Ÿ™‚