I belong to a culture that values family values, education and a conservative outlook towards life. That’s what I thought before. Now having lived in Naperville for almost a decade, I have changed my opinion.

Few years ago, a teen from Waubansee Valley High School was caught in a compromising act, that kid was an Indian girl.

A teen from Neuqua Valley last year was found with drugs on him, he was an Indian kid.

A teen from Metea Valley school was suspended from school for possessing drugs. He was an Indian kid.

In all the social parties that I attend ( mostly just with Indians) there is free flowing alcohol. Sometimes, the kids who are still not at the drinking age are rumored to drink surreptitiously.

Point of this narrative: We are now a part and fabric of the  society here. Apart from adopting the good things of the local society, unfortunately we also take on the vices of the society. Our children belong here. Things with kids do go wrong sometimes. They can fall into a bad company and addiction. I pray it doesn’t happen to you or anyone reading this, but if unfortunately it does, then there is a local organization that can help.

360 Youth Services has been committed to substance use prevention education, counseling and providing housing for homeless youth and young adults.

Out of the three programs 360 Youth Services support I will talk about Power of Choice program today.

360 Youth Services coordinates this highly effective and proven drug and alcohol abuse prevention campaign for students in school districts 203 & 204 and their parents. The Power of Choice initiative focuses on correcting miconceptions about the prevalence of substance use and emphasizes that most students are making healthy choices regarding tobacco, alcohol and drugs. It utilizes classroom presentations, posters, journals located in school bathroom stalls, and many types of media and communication tools.

Ultimately, the high school based program acknowledges that when a community consistently supports its students’ healthy choices, the number of kids making good decisions about substance use actually increases.

The Power of Choice also includes a junior high/middle school communications campaign for district 203 & 204 students and their parents. This campaign increases knowledge around risk and harm associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

Parents of High School Students:

Positive Ways to Cope

Many teens report feeling overwhelmed. Students stress during the school year has been reported at levels higher than those experienced by adults. Check out this month’s Power of Choice newsletter for tips on how to help your teen cope.


Parents of Middle School Students:

We are not alone…and that’s a good thing!

Studies show that a feeling of connection to family builds resilience. When we have connection to those who care about us, we find strength to face life’s challenges. What can we do to connect with our adolescents even when it seems like they don’t want to connect with us? This month’s newsletter provides some tips!


Our Family Story

Family history helps to create our story and connects us.  Understanding that history helps adolescents as they begin to understand who they are and how they fit into the world.  Use this PowerTalk activity to create your family’s story.