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The Real Reason Why Cyrus Mistry Got Fired

Ratan Tata, Cy

It seems there is a mystery around why Ratan Tata took over from Cyrus Mistry as the interim Chairman of Tata sons.

The compelling reason why though

  1. In July of 2016, Manu Joseph ( Radia Tape fame) wrote an article on huffington post about an alpha executive sexually harassing a young woman. The article went nowhere. It were the comments in the article that pointed out that the alpha executive could be Rakesh Sarna trying to exploit the woman. The chairman dismissed the allegations of the woman saying : The Mentor in the head office says many CEOs flirt a bit. “Harmless”.

At the time, nobody paid attention to the article. But now after the news of Cyrus Mistry resigning this article is appearing in the various WhatsApp groups.

  1. The Taj insiders are wondering that soon it will be time for Rakesh Sarna to go too. Cyrus Mistry favoured Rakesh Sarna despite of his incompetence and a possible link to the sexual harassment case.
  1. #Rakesh Sarna on twitter and there were tweets since April, 2016 of Rakesh Sarna engaging in sexual exploitation.

Snippets from Twitter

There is no CEO so indispensable that he cannot be fired for sexual harassment. Predators such as #RakeshSarna

@RashmiUdaySingh Did you know #RakeshSarna was involved in a sexual harassment case at the #TajHotels & #CyrusMistry did nothing? #shame

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The blog by Manu Joseph suddenly makes senseThis blog suddenly makes a lot of sense @sruthijith @manujosephsan

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