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Starbucks-your next Bar-ista?

starbucksStarbucks rolls out “Starbucks Evenings”


This week Starbucks rolled out Starbucks evenings in seventy locations countrywide. After 4 P.M, you can walk into Starbucks for a glass of carefully selected wine with small plates/tapas.

Starbucks wanted to venture out into something more than coffee. Since customers were walking in for coffee even in the evenings, they figured wine and tapas on the menu could be a good option. Starbucks® Olive Way location in Seattle was the first to feature the Evenings menu, offering customers a familiar place to gather later in the day.


The wine selection is not standard through out its stores. It differs by the region. They will have a combination of local and regional favorites.

Starbucks is hopeful that these additions will entice the customers to dine in at Starbucks.


Lindsay Putnam writes on NYPOST as the tapas and wine menu being disgusting. From NYPOST

As I began to order, the visibly flustered barista behind the register interrupted me.

“Sorry, can you slow down?” he asked. “I’m still getting used to finding these new buttons.”


It’s a little too early to judge whether evenings at Starbucks will be worth it.




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