Kala tika

Each country, religion, group have had their own set of superstitious beliefs. Even though innately we may be aware that these beliefs have no meaning or truth to it, we still follow it.

It could be because life is filled with uncertainties and unexplained coincidences and incidents and superstitions make us feel safe, calms the disturbed mind.

Charles Dickens said in Oliver Twist: “How slight a thing will disturb the equanimity of our frail minds”.

So, if a stupid superstition can bring peace to your thought –so be it.And if you are one of the courageous few that wants to always live life on your terms –then please shun all superstitions.

Here are some Indian Superstitions that are common across India and are part of all the various states and cultures of India


Giving Money Only With Right Hand


It’s commonly believed that if a person gives you money with his left hand, it will either be lost or would be not used productively. So, money is always given with right hand.


Giving Money As Gift but with Addition of One denomination to it


All Indians are aware of this tradition and follow it blindly. Whether you are gifting in rupees, dollars or Pounds – adding one rupee /dollar/pound to the amount is essential. That additional one denomination of money is rumored to bring good luck to the person receiving the gift.


blackBlack Cat Crossing the Path

If a black cat crossed your path, that means either you are headed towards an accident or something unfortunate is bound to happen. Now since black cats roam freely on the streets so there is a solution to ward off the unfortunate event. All you have to do is throw a stone where the cat crossed or spit on the cat’s paths-and voila the misfortune is averted


Kala Tika

Since the baby is born to every important incident in the person’s life, mothers and relatives are always putting a black kohl mark to ward off the evil eye.


Lemon and Chili Charm


Many houses, offices and shops in India have a cluster of green or red chilies and lemon hanging as a wind chime at the entrance. This is again to keep the good luck flowing in and to ward off the evil eye.


Knives not a suitable gift


If you give knife as a gift to a friend or relative chances are the camaraderie/friendship/love will be lost with that person.



Written by Suchitra Sharma