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Mom Wants ‘Damaging’ Kardashian Kids Line gone from Babies r Us

KardashianKids2-1-598x340Kardashian Kids line evokes “bad behavior” says a Kansas Mom and wants the label removed from Babies r us . Amie Logan , a mom says , she does not want her children to be a sex –tape star. Kardashiamn Kids as a label does nothing to bring out baby’s innocence .


Her petition on states : When I started the petition, my goal was to point out the hypocrisy of Toys R US pulling the Breaking Bad toys, but still having a clothing line sponsored by the Kardashians. My point was not that people should not buy the items, or that Baby’sRUS/ToysRUS actually remove them from the shelves. I wanted ToysRUS/BabiesRUS to see that if they caved to one upset consumer that more would come out of the woodwork. I chose the Kardashian Kids line because I would not choose to put my daughter in these clothes, and because the Kardashians are not people that have the family values that I uphold.

kaAmy Logan tells Yahoo Style :

“Our priorities are a little messed up,” Logan tells Yahoo Style. “We are getting upset that they have toys from a fictional television show for kids 16 and older, but then they’re selling the Kardashian clothing line, which is from a real-life family that made their fortune from Kim’s sex tape.”

The petition is not yet complete, but it has gained support from mothers nationwide (which Logan says she did not expect). And many are threatening to stop shopping at Babies “R” Us all together. One mother from Michigan wrote, “The Kardashians – due to their own marketing – are certainly not about family values. Just the idea that their brand would be part of Babies “R” Us makes me not want to shop there – ever again.” Another mom from Missouri noted, “Maybe we should focus on healthy family values at home and stop idolizing these people.”


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