Reasons why marriages fail. 

This is one relationship that is taken for granted, couples start off with pleasing each other to accepting each other and then just taking each other for granted. Yes, you need to be yourself with your significant other, but totally being oblivious to your spouse’s likes, dislikes, interests-that’s when you have started taking each other for granted.


Infidelity: Most people say that if a partner has cheated once they can be forgiven. Believe it or not, if you are indifferent towards infidelity, you are indifferent towards the relationship.


Hobbies and Interests: Partners need to respect each other’s hobbies and interest. Very seldom couples have the same interest, and marriage does not mean giving up your hobbies. When couples pursue their own interests, it just means you respect your partner’s wishes, enabling the marriage to grow. Giving up your own hobbies makes one feel caged, which is a sure reason why marriages can fail.


Comparison: Remember, spouses are their own person with discrete characteristics. There is no reason why a comparison should be done with the neighbor, family member or a friend. Comparisons just brings sour feeling, and if done over and over again brings sourness to the relationship.


Money: Yes, money can be a very contentious issue. Unlimited spending by one spouse could rock the marriage. Like unlimited spending, being too miserly can also lead to divorce. A couple needs to agree on their spending habits, money needs to be discussed openly –a sign of a healthy relationship.


Fights and disagreements are inevitable, but what makes a marriage solid is when you listen to each other, try to solve an issue, give a full ear to your partner’s complaint and hold her/his hand when your other half is feeling low.

Written by Suchitra Sharma