Flunking the pretest has huge benefits


A scientific study revealed, that its not the study mode but the test mode that helps students learn better.

If a student were to take a pretest before actually studying, when the time for test came, he would perform better. The brain gets acclimatized with the questions, the pattern, thus helping him to focus on the areas of the study.


A just-completed study — the first of its kind, carried out by the U.C.L.A. psychologist Elizabeth Ligon Bjork — found that in a live classroom of Bjork’s own students, pretesting raised performance on final-exam questions by an average of 10 percent compared with a control group.


The idea behind this study is not a novel one but the approach might be radical. It predicts that the first day of the class should start with a pretest, a very comprehensive exam; similar to the final test should happen. Yes, the students will flunk the test but something will change inside the brain of the students. They will study with a different focus, and it will be like a bulb getting lit up when they would come across those portions which they got wrong in the test.


Most coaching centers use this strategy and that explains the reason for their success. They first give a pretest to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the kids. Then, the focus is on the weak areas. What we didn’t know is that brain also goes through a change, which makes learning better.


It is advised that students should tests themselves while learning, memorizing –this is the only full proof way of learning. Just studying never gives 100% results.


It might be because of this reason that learning through Apps is becoming so popular. When you learn through an app-almost the majority of the learning happens in test mode, while it may look like a skewed learning but the fact is that you learn better and remember better.