Another reason to lose weight

Yes, you heard that right. Losing weight not only makes you look beautiful but also smarter. published and article how “Too much fat weighs down not just your body, but also your brain.”

Research suggest that excess fat increases certain proteins in the brains which causes people to have Alzheimer Tests on rats also revealed that fat cells release a substance called interleukin 1 which causes severe inflammation that may impair the functioning of the brain.

The relationship between visceral fat and insulin resistance has been proven. Flab around the tummy is the worst kind of fat, and is a burgeoning ground for all kinds of physical and mental diseases.


Inflammation due to food is a cause of number of diseases, and an increase in fatty foods in the body leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the single important reason why people do not lose weight.

From NYT

 It’s been known for some time that obesity can alter cognition in animals. Past experiments with lab rodents, for instance, have shown that obese animals display poor memory and learning skills compared to their normal-weight peers. They don’t recognize familiar objects or recall the location of the exit in mazes that they’ve negotiated multiple times.

Beauty or brains or for spirituality, get on lose some weight. While exercise can help one lose a wee bit of weight, it will be an overall change in the eating pattern that will see fruitful results.