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Michelle Obama-“White House is like a nice prison!”

michelle-obama-oscar-photoWhile speaking at wives of African leaders in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, Michelle Obama said living in the White House is confining, prison like. She was in a conversation with Laura Bush and was reflecting on how difficult it is to live a life of free thoughts when the whole country is focused on her hairstyle.

As reported by, she said  white house is a prison but a nice one! She also joked about how the whole country was talking about her bangs and shoes.

What do you think of her statement?

In our view it is a very irresponsible statement . She is the first lady of one of the most powerful nations on earth and to pay disrespect to the stature is foolish and immature. She is a public personality –people will have viewpoints about her bangs, holidays, arms and shoes. Media also covers when she is making America healthy –so why should she take offence when public is talking about her bangs –which by the way didn’t look nice.

She thinks her life becomes confined because she lives in white house! The country looks up to her so yes a certain behavior is expected of her –what is confining in that ? Millions of women emulate her but her attitude towards the position she is in –is appaling.

She has clearly forgotten about her legendary holidays, which have been possible only because she is the first lady. She even had a public beach closed in Spain because she wanted to have a private vacation. How many people can even dream of taking a private holiday like this?


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