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Narendra Modi-BJP campaign chief

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is made the chief of BJP campaign committee for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It implies that Modi is certainly not the choice of the party for Prime Minister. For a long time BJP ‘s leadership has been old –Modi ‘s appointment might infuse young energy in the party.


L K  Advani does not look thrilled with the decision –he skipped the BJP National Executive meet for the first time and it has been known that he has never been an ardent Modi supporter.


Modi has promised that he will work towards a congress free nation –promising to end the ineffective rule of Sonia Gandhi and her mute supporters. Manmohan Singh was never meant to be a politician –he has danced to the tunes of Sonia –a complete disservice to the nation


In his address at the Goa enclave he said the country has been sinking under congress and he promises to step –up to save the country . He also said that BJP leaders have never been accused of corruption and BJP will be the party that will rescue India –from corruption , terror .


Modi’s appointment marks an end to Advani-Vajpayee running  the party for almost five decades . There is immense faith in Modi that he will make BJP win .


BJP is accused of being communal – true ? Maybe…But it is Congress, which seeks out votes in the name of religion . India , needs to grow up –rise from the sectarian violence and need to focus on aam aadmi and his aam zindagi- providing the basic necessities to one and everyone . Modi has been a successful CM of Gujarat.  On one hand while he has been criticized for the Gujarat riots (2002) , on the other he has been praised for  creating high economic growth. India, needs just that –HIGH ECONOMIC GROWTH- the young in India is just looking for a good environment to live and prosper in –here’s hoping Modi can give that.

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