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American tourist gang raped in Manali, India

Another tourist was raped in Manali by the truck drivers and his friends.  They offered her a lift and she accepted. Later, they took her to an isolated spot and raped her for one hour. Medical reports have confirmed that she was raped and the (lawless) law of the land is on the look out for that driver. The 30-year-old American tourist has joined many other tourists from other countries who were raped on their vacation in India.


Just three months ago in March 2013 a Swiss tourist was gang raped by five tribesmen while her husband was tied to a tree. This Swiss couple was on a three-month holiday in India. They were touring state by state on a bicycle-little did they know that this vacation would turn into a nightmare of a lifetime. The Swiss government was right in issuing travel warnings about India because of the rise in rapes and other sexual offences


In April of this year the two German tourists faced what probably every girl in India encounters on a daily basis .    Carolina De Paolo and Canan Wahner were on a six-week tour in India. On a train to Goa a man ran his hand up her leg  and in another train another man grabbed her breasts.


There has been a 35% drop in female tourists visiting India –soon India will be a no-travel-zone.






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