Santa was out delivering presents to all the children.


Santa looked at the sky, and he was very surprised. The sky was starting to get light; the sun was coming up! Santa was very worried because he still had to deliver presents to three neighborhoods. Three neighborhoods may not seem like a lot since he had to deliver presents to the whole world, but it was a lot to Santa because he wanted everyone to get their presents.Untitled2

“Maybe,” Santa thought “ If I could sneak in their presents before they notice.” But,  Santa knew it was of no use; he could already hear the children running to their tree and ripping open their presents. Sadly, Santa went home and told everybody what had happened.


Everyone agreed that Santa had to be replaced! They replaced him with a man named Mr. Mean. Mr. Mean had a short black beard and wore a black suit. He delivered all the toys , but ,he just threw them down the chimney, not caring about giving the right toys. Mr. Mean even replaced the reindeer with black Pegasi! Mr. Mean had captured the Pegasi and was using them as servants.


A week before Christmas Mr. Mean decided the North Pole needed a makeover. He turned the North Pole into a place where everything had a picture of Mr. Mean.


Everyone regretted their mistake of  making Mr. Mean the new Santa. They all went to Santa’s house (now Mr. Mean’s house) hoping to find the contract which made Mr. Mean the  Santa so they could tear it up. Instead of Santa’s house there was a huge black mansion! (Mr. Mean’s favorite color was black).

“Well, we can’t go back now, we need to find that contract and save Santa.” said an elf, trying to look brave. “How do we get in? There’s a security system,” another elf said. “Maybe,” Mrs. Claus said slowly “we could sneak in through his back door.” They all agreed it was a good idea and the only one they had.


They went to the back of the mansion, which was guarded by a huge fence. “What are we going to do now?” an elf moaned.

“Climb it.” the others replied .

“I know,” exclaimed an elf happily “we can ride on the reindeer.” The reindeer didn’t want all those people to ride on them, but finally he was convinced.


One of the elves found a big piece of wood that they could use as a sleigh. The elf also found 8 pieces of string. They attached one side of each of the strings to the sleigh and the others to the reindeer.


Some of the elves rode  on the back of the reindeer, while others rode on the sleigh. They flew up and over the fence and landed in the backyard.


On the back door there was a lock. “Don’t worry,” an elf said sneakily “I’m great at picking locks.” He picked the lock quickly and everyone snuck inside the back of the mansion. Not long after they took a few steps they heard footsteps, Mr. Mean’s footsteps.


Quickly, they hid behind a large pillar but it didn’t take long for Mr. Mean to find them. “Sneaking around trying to find the contract I suppose?” He said, laughing. “Oh, and by the way, I installed security cameras around the North Pole. I’ll be able to see and hear everything you talk  and do ” said Mr. Mean. “You mean there are security cameras inside our houses?” an elf stuttered. “Well, I couldn’t get them inside your houses but I have them pointing at every door and window.” Mr. Mean answered.


Everyone (except Mr. Mean of course) quickly went back outside. They went to an elf’s house in which Mrs. Claus was living in. The elf’s name was Hope. She always had good ideas but this time she had none.


“We can make a new contract for Santa.” an elf suggested. “No, Mr. Mean would say that right now I‘m (Mr. Mean) Santa and I disagree to give Santa the job back.” another elf said.


“I know,” said an elf happily, “we can ask Mr. Mean if he is willing to compete. We will give all the presents in two days. On the first day Mr. Mean will go around the world and will deliver half of the presents. On the second day Santa will deliver the rest of the presents so everyone gets what he or she wanted. The person who gets back quicker will win the competition and be Santa! But they have to deliver the right presents to the right people.” Everyone thought that it was a great idea and they asked Mr. Mean.


Believe it or not he agreed! They informed Santa and he was delighted. The elves split the list in 2 and gave one  to Santa and the other to Mr. Mean. They also mailed a letter to everyone saying that half their presents were going to come on the 25th and the rest on the 26th.


This story has been written by Eight year old Nyssa Aftab. She is in grade 2 and enjoys reading .
This story has been written by eight year old Nyssa Aftab. She is in grade 2 and enjoys reading .

On the 24th Mr. Mean was getting ready to deliver the presents. Everyone was nervous. They wanted Santa to win! At exactly 10 pm, Mr. Mean flew into the  sky. He needed to be back before 5 am. Mr. Mean got back at 4:57 am, 3 minutes before his deadline. That night at 10 pm Santa flew into the sky. He needed to be back before 5 am, just like Mr. Mean.


At 4:30 am everyone was waiting for Santa. 15 minutes later they saw Santa. Santa had arrived 12 minutes before Mr. Mean! The job was his! There was a huge party to celebrate Santa winning. A few days later Mr. Mean left the North Pole. Everyone helped to change the mansion back to Santa’s house.


Every year Santa made it back on time and even if he didn’t no one  even thought of replacing him.


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