Rejects the first draft of his film put together by the author, says it is not commercial enough

Chetan Bhagat is never at a loss for words. But for once, the voluble author and purveyor of all things controversial, was stumped by a man of few, but very effective words. Bhagat, who is trying his hand at screenwriting with Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick, has been hard at work, to put together a script that would win Sallu’s approval.

“It is an honour and I am anxious as well…” the author had admitted to this newspaper earlier, about his Bollywood challenge. Though both his books have had successful film adaptations, this time Chetan was starting from scratch. “It is Salman Khan, it is as big as it gets,” he had said, with a gleam in his eyes.
Unfortunately for the irrepressible author, it is Salman who has taken the wind out of his sail. A source told TOI, “Chetan, after putting together the first draft of the script went to meet Salman along with Sajid. The whole idea was to appraise Salman about the progress on the script. Salman read it as both Chetan and Sajid sat before him anxiously.” Sallu flipped the pages one by one and the more he read, the more it was evident that he was far from pleased with the script.

Added the source, “After a while, he kept the script aside and told Chetan very politely, that he has failed to capture the essence of the film which is being adapted from a Telugu hit. ‘Make it more commercial’ is what the bestselling author was told. Sajid and Chetan had no choice but nod in approval. Last heard, Chetan was back at his desk, to ensure Kick does not end up being one of the three mistakes of his life.

Source @ TOI