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Bear Paddle swim school – their motto “unleash your paddle power!”

This is one of a kind swim school perhaps anywhere in the world, well certainly in Naperville.

My daughter started swimming here about three months ago. It was a torture to get her into the pool. She howled, cried so loud that even the people in “Fox and Hound bar” next door could hear her. At the time I thought maybe she isn’t ready for swim lessons. The instructors assured me and asked me to give her some time. Her instructor Coach Zack held her for the entire half an hour of the lesson. For the first two lessons he had a one on one time with her after the class for about 10 minutes. That did wonders. Before I knew, and beginning the third lesson she had started looking forward to her swim lessons and now thoroughly enjoys swimming. She wants to go to Bear Paddles everyday to swim.

It was MD a friend who had suggested Bear Paddles to us. We had tried Lifetime Fitness before signing up with Bear Paddles. It had not worked for us –the instructors were too professional and did not care if the child did not want to get into water –it was my responsibility to motivate my child to go inside the pool –not so in bear paddles. The instructors here assume it is their responsibility to make the child love swimming –what a huge burden off from the parent’s shoulder!

images (1)Apart from the personal touch of the instructors – the class sizes are small – ratio being 4:1 on an average basis .The instructors are well-trained to keep the children engaged through story based lesson

They have an open enrollment system – no need to wait for spring, summer or winter session –you enroll for a lesson when you have time –and best of all switching from one class to the other is very easy-no reasons asked.

They offer both private and group lessons. It is one of the few places where the group lessons are worth your time and money.

The temperature of the water is always at a warm 92 degrees Fahrenheit that makes swimming comfortable even when it is below zero degrees outside.

If you have a child at home who is afraid to swim or does not look forward to swimming lessons –give bear paddles a chance.

They are conveniently located by Monkey Joes on Rt 59  @ 4308 E New York St, Aurora, IL 60504.  They have opened up another place in Woodridge too.


 Written by : Suchitra Sharma