Justice Bhaktavatsala , a Karnataka High Court judge was in limelight when he had said –beating your wife is okay as long as the husband takes care of the wife . The case involved a 28 year old woman getting beaten by the husband on a regular basis . He told the wife to go home because the husband took care of the family and her . He asked the husband to to treat his wife with a nice dinner .

The lawyer of the wife was an unmarried female . Justice Bhaktavatsala reprimanded her and told her that family matters should not be argued by spinsters .

Yes , it looked like the nation was shocked -again ! But the facts and surveys reveal something very different.

Emily Oster an economist at the University of Chicago whose research, co-authored with Robert Jensen, forms the basis of the “unlikely savior of Indian women” section of the book “SuperFreakonomics

Highlight from the research :A baby Indian girl who does grow into adulthood [i.e., who doesn’t fall prey to selective abortion or infanticide] faces inequality at nearly every turn. She will earn less money than a man, receive worse health care and less education, and perhaps be subjected to daily atrocities. In a national health survey, 51 percent of Indian men said that wife-beating is justified under certain circumstances; more surprisingly, 54 percent of women agreed — if, for instance, a wife burns dinner or leaves the house without permission.

Wife beating is never okay . More than the men , it is upto the woman to put an end to this .