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What’s Cooking this Friday ? Vol 1

Food lover by heart and lazy by nature, I love to eat but hate to cook. So I keep my eyes, ears (and nose) open looking for good and easy recipes and great restaurants! Fridays are the days for special, different, experimental, unique, new and crazy food with my son who loves meat and my husband who loves anything edible! ---Maitreyee Das


Born in a Bengali family, I obviously love to eat fish. I remember my school/college days, when I used to have rice and Bengali fish curry made by my mom for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Yes I know, rice for all three meals!


I would love to do that even now. But it’s not good for health (that’s what my trainer says) and cooking it ,is a lot of work (that’s what I usually say). Its not that I never make Bengali fish curry at home, but it’s rarely on a Friday dinner menu.

Few weeks back AR had mentioned about this fish dish he had in a restaurant. It was spinach and cod fish entr

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