जानता नहीं मेरा बाप कौन है … My mornings are sort of incomplete if I don’t devour ‘ The Times Of India ‘ along with my tea . Yesterday’s headlines of Manu Sharma getting a life sentence made me add an extra spoon of sugar in my cuppa . For the very mention of his name leaves a nasty taste in my mouth . Manu Sharma- a boy who had everything one can possibly want , born with a golden spoon in his mouth , now has to spend the rest of his life behind bars locked up in a tiny cell . With only fragments n dreams of his past life to give him company on those long lonely nights . As I looked at his photograph , his facial expression , his eyes , for a minute there I actually wanted to get into his mind and read his thoughts , wondering what would I find – anger , helplessness , despair or maybe regret . And the process started – all the ‘’ WH ‘’ questions…..but the one figuring prominently in my mind was ,is Manu the only one to be blamed ? Did a 5 yr old Manu while playing with a toy gun imagined that one day he would use a real one to take a life , murder an innocent girl…. ? what role do his parents , society and educational background has to play in this . Boys like Manu Sharma n Vikas Yadav belong to the category who live under the legacy of their father’s name , money n fame . Every min every step of their life they flaunt their dad’s money n status . Hense the famous statement ‘’जानता नहीं मेरा बाप कौन है …..’’ . Their surnames often bails them out of difficult and unpleasant situations . The society that they live in also fawns upon them and unconsciously nudges them on to the path of evil ,for which they later repent . I am not saying that all those who are born under such circumstances turn out to be murderers or a person born n raised on street dosen’t . But it is shocking and hurts more when one such case comes forward , for it is not expected of educated children from such high social backgrounds . Late Nargis Dutt admitted that she had a major role to play in Sajay Dutt straying . She did everything possible to cover up his negative actions , including lying to her husband – result a drug addict child who had to spend few precious years of his life insides a jail and not to mention the physical n mental trauma that he had to endure . So , when boys like Manu Sharma become the headlines in the newspaper don’t you think a lot of credit goes to their parents also . The nouveau riche , who hold a brazenly attitude . who actually employ spin doctors to give favourable interpretation of unfavourable events to the media , there by covering up their childrens follies . Such parents with their false bravado actually make me feel nauseous . I believe that on the social ladder their always would be someone above or below you . It’s our duty as parents to teach our children to treat everyone equally , to sympathize n empathize with those on the rung below us n not get influenced by those who are on the rung above us….and to never ever feed the flames of their ego . Delhi being a political hub , you come across such people everyday . You in fact find rich man’s sons at every nook and corner – to responde to their favourite statement , all I can say is:- ‘’ क्या तू जानता है की मेरा बाप कौन है …नहीं ना , so then we are even ‘’ HEE HEE . And as for boys like Manu Sharma all I can do is quote a few lines from my fathers diary…. ‘’ सूरज लहू लुहान है . हर शाम देख लो , सूरज लहू लुहान है . हर शाम देख लो , ए ज़िन्दगी , गुरूर का अंजाम देख लो . ‘’