In the Hi-Tech world of today, revenge is but a hop , skip and a jump away. Technology has opened up many doors for us to give vent to our feelings [ I will say many windows also ]. If you are angry at someone or someone hurt your feelings – forget just bitching with friends….. No, no, no , absolutely not ….how very old fashioned of you. Defaming ones name , tarnishing ones image , public humiliations….these are the key words my dear.

It is no longer a one on one fight or simply limited to ones neighborhood or friend circle …..No way man….we are going GLOBAL with this.  Now we get back at someone internationally……that’s the way even your enemies would want it – believe me ; Frankly speaking in today’s world no one wants to be insulted the old fashioned way [ just being talked about behind ones back ] horror of horrors they may rather commit Hara-Kiri .

Let me give you some simple day to day example –  your girlfriend or boy friend ditched u – don’t stay at home and like an idiot drown your sorrows in drinks or ice cream  [ if u really have to , may I suggest mother dairy’s cookie crumb flavor , its finger licking good ] GREAT ! we are clear on that part , now back to the topic….No buddy , go tell the whole world – leak it on net , tweet , let your status do the  bitching 4 times a day , rock the cyber world  , make waves of your resentment and ride high on that wave as you surf  the net . Be a part of the ‘’ WITH IT ’’ generation keep all and sundry updated about your feeling.  After all you are hurt and the need to tell the world is simply blazing inside you and before it turns into a Towering Inferno , pick up your laptops and go clickty click.

Boss hates you- put on his drunk video on You-Tube and please don’t forget to send the link to all those related to your firm…..Anonymously please…..I expect that much from you at least…..who knows you might become famous….you may get your two min of fame as ‘’ THE REVENGER ‘’….you can be the ‘’ WH ‘’ of who is he……’’ SANSANI ‘’ might want to do an episode on you.

Wanna get back at your lousy , no good friend……throw a party , invite all your friends , go out of your way to make it a Fanshy Snazzy event , spend Moolah, be generous  but  for goodness sake don’t let it be a hush hush affair . Put all the pictures on FB , MY SPACE , ORKUT , every where possible ….most important of all don’t forget to tag that adorable loving bum chum of yours…..the steam rising from his neck would do wonders for his skin [ would open up his pores and senses ]…..let him/ her come groveling back to you begging mercy.

All this sounds funny na ……….I can make it out by the way you are smiling lop sided ….. yeah , mighty interesting when it happens to someone else…..what if you are the BUTT OF THE JOKE …..what if you are target in the cyber war and the other person is ready to aim and shoot……what  then…..YEAH ! not so funny anymore buddy….right…where is that evil mean grin now , are we not smirking anymore ????

Now what…….simple…….first change yourself and then get others to follow…..everyone goes through a stage where they are filled to the brim with  negative emotion of anger…but this anger can rob you of your sense of right or wrong….so before taking any action…..

1-     Count to 10 ….if it doesn’t work count to 100.
2-     Prepare your chart work in theory with a promise to put it into action exactly after 24 hrs… sure after 24 hrs it won’t seem to be such a big issue.
3-     A touch of humor always helps throw in a heap full of over confidence and you come up to conclusions like –  Yo man – I am superman and they are all jealous of me…..they wear glares coz they are blinded by my beauty….laugh it all off .
4-     Talk to someone but please, please make sure , that is one positive person you have       chosen….they would always help you see the light side of the situation.
5-     Or best of all meditate…..chanting om not only purifies every atom in your body but also creates a  positive atmosphere and you would be ready to forgive even Hitler or hug Osama …yeah ! the Laden guy only.

Now all of you out there , am sure you all have some MANTRA hidden in your pockets on how to stay calm and get out of sticky murderous situations without harming yourself or others……please scatter your pearls of wisdom here so we may gather them all and get a beautiful string of love.

Anger can in a way be a good thing. It can help you to express negative feelings in a positive way or motivate you to find solutions to problems …….but excessive anger combined with EGO not only harms your body with stress , shooting blood pressure and heart attacks  it can also creates painful ,seething black areas in your aura… ladies and gentleman…..never act or react in anger  , imagine yourself to be at the end of the words you are about to unleash and then proceed….I am sure you will halt… for others – every drop in the ocean counts – you do our part and let them do theirs – After all in the end , its not between you and them it’s between you and Divine….let your good karma speak…..Thank you.