Followers of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev at Ramlila ground in New Delhi. (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)

With no signs of Ramdev relenting, authorities today cancelled the permission granted to his yoga camp and teams of Delhi Police stormed the Ramlila venue late tonight to bring to an end the stand-off between him and the government.

This came after an evening of theatrics that began with an orchestrated agreement but transformed into a full-fledged confrontation in no time, the government late tonight sent a written communication to Baba Ramdev asking him to withdraw his fast while assuring him that steps would be taken on his demand on black money and corruption.

The communication, sources said, contains an explanatory note on the demands made by the yoga guru including the key one of framing a law for declaring black money parked by Indians in foreign banks as a national asset. Until midnight, however, there was no word from the Ramdev camp. Earlier in the evening, he had announced that he would call off his fast on receipt of the