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Why do we complain about everything indian?

Indian Americans unhappy with passport surrender rules

A large number of Indian Americans are very unhappy over the new rules imposed by Govt. ofIndia for surrendering the old Indian passport and delays in issuance of visa to visit India.

The decision to surrender Indian passports by all naturalized citizens was taken after it was pointed out that some people who became citizens of other countries had misused their old passports to go to India and return back showing their foreign passports, which

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  1. Saran naiker May 30, 2011

    Dear Indian readers, nnI am living in France, we are also facing the same problem with the Indian embassy at Paris. We didn’t have any information (before feb 2011) from the embassy regarding the surrender of Indian passport once we get french citizenship. As you mentionned in your message that Indian government had fixed the surrender fees of 20 dollars if we do the process before 1st june 2010, this information has been put in the Indian mission (france) web site during the month of march 2011.Besides the penalities are mentionned in euro, like 175 euros surrender fee but in US 175 dollars, are both the currencies having the same value if we convert into ruppee? I couldn’t understand who fix this fee? Please exploit our hard working money.nnSaran.S

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