While blogosphere is spinning furiously with BarkhaGate, RadiaScam and all other buzz words what we seem to be conveniently forgetting is the difference between the Powerful and their alleged order-takers.

Take for example Niira Radia. Her crime is supposed to be that she is a lobbyist and unfortunately, for her, a good one at that.

In our view all Niira was doing was representing her clients to the best of her abilities. Please remember that she was not the powerful one here.She could not have offered money or any other inducements unless her client(s) were willing to pay – to play. She was a lobbyist and dare we say not the first one in India. There are umpteen number of ex :Generals, IAS Officers, Politicians, Judges Journalists who have been hired by Corporate houses. Except that they are called Professional Advisors !

Just read the