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7 Silver Linings Now That You Have Lost Your Job

It was bound to happen. In this tough economy, where businesses are cutting costs everywhere, there was no reason to think your company would be immune. You’d done your best to make yourself invaluable to the corporation, but now that there’ve been layoffs (or singular “layoff” really, as it’s apparently only you for now) you and your coworkers (again, just you mainly) will have to find some way to get by.

But even now, in your darkest, dampest hour, there is a lighter side to all of this. What could be a soul-crushing experience that leaves you a bitter, stinky shell of a person may actually have some high points. Below, we’ve listed some of these high spots that illustrate the lighter side of being forcibly unemployed. We hope these will help you get on with your life, or at least stop crying in your car.
Whether in a car, a bus or clinging to the side of a train, commuting to and from work every day is just awful. It might seem like a small thing, but not having to deal with stalled cars, or that wet homeless person smell that permeates every corner of public transit, will make every day that much better.

What You Can Do Now:

Pretend your bed is a car, then drive it straight to Naptime Junction, a four hour round-trip, every day.

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  1. Richard Jones December 13, 2010

    good point..don’t miss the commute and the constant chatter

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