So what will you really miss out on if you buy a handset without 3G? Well, no prizes for guessing, faster internet speeds. Although 2.5G (or EDGE) internet may be enough for text-based data transfers like emailing, chatting or tweeting, opening any kind of image isn’t even close to instantaneous. Ever used the Facebook mobile app to view or upload photographs on an EDGE connection? You’ll know the pain I’m talking of. With 3.5G’s connection that theoretically gives 3.6 Mbps at least, uploading photographs taken from your phone directly to a social networking site or photo-sharing site will be faster. Watching streaming videos will actually be possible without patiently waiting as you watch the hair of people around you grow. You could also do other cool stuff like make video-calls or use your phone as a high-speed modem to cater to other computing devices like a laptop or an iPod Touch.

So here are some phones you should stay away from if you want to jump on the 3G bandwagon:

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